I’m over dating “Fun”

So, why Joy?

Because I want to know it intimately.

Joy has been the (seemingly) unavailable person I secretly want to date. All the while, I’m going out with the available quick fix named Fun.

Fun knows all the cool spots, makes me laugh, feeds me well and introduces me to his friends. But, he’s not really there for me, ya know? Fun can be flaky. When he’s gone, so are the smiles and good times.

Joy has all the best parts of Fun — moments of feeling deeply connected to others, the thrill of trying something new, that little confidence boost from putting myself out there, levity. But, Joy is calmer, content with reading a book all afternoon, steady. And, best of all, Joy sticks around.

I’ve chased holograms of Joy in trips, friends, nightlife, work, Fun. But, I want to see and know the real thing.

You too?


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