What does it actually take to build an authentic life?

I launched a podcast two days ago. True Self Move explores what it actually takes to build and live a life according to our true nature. What happens when we do? Self help and spirituality media would lead us to believe that great meaning, deep love and vast riches await the ‘authentically living’ being.


We so often hear easily consumable stories of people making positive life change: The disenchanted consumer-turned-entrepreneur who now successfully makes eco-friendly products. The cancer patient who upends every part of his life that doesn’t make him happy, and then goes into remission. The hedge fund manager who left Wall Street to become a yoga teacher, and transforms her health and life.

I have thousands of questions for people like this: What did your day-to-day look like as you made change? What did you come up against? What kept you going? What roadblocks did you face? How did you stay motivated and on your path? Are you really living happily ever after?

True Self Move shows the process of building an authentic life, including the messy in-between moments that the polished stories don’t include.

What are you building toward that’s aligned with your true nature? Where are you in the process? What’s keeping you going, and what’s stopping you up? Let’s dive in together. Come hang out on IG at @trueselfmove! Listen to True Self Move, episode 1 on Spotify.